Turning Negative Into Positive

Carbon negative concrete remediating both air & ground pollution.

Carbon Negative SCMs
Carbon Negative Solutions is a platform company using our proprietary AI to develop and commercialize carbon negative concrete & concrete products.  Our leading product is carbon negative supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) that are upcycled from zero-value waste streams resulting in a product that is cleaner, cost less to produce, and replaces more cement (>50%) than traditional SCMs.
We Are All Bound By Nature
We may forget sometimes but humans are an animal species.  No matter how complex we make society, we are still simple creatures.

We all want the best solutions to climate change for the betterment of our lives and future generations.
United Nations data shows that more than 100 million people are projected to die prematurely this century due to climate change.

The cement/concrete industry accounts for 8% of carbon emissions globally and 30% of all solid waste generated annually.  This means millions of people will die prematurely from our industry's impact unless a meaningful solution is found
For the 1st time in world history, a staggering 99% of countries on Earth joined in unity and signed a legally binding treaty; The Paris Agreement.

This unprecedented agreement sets out to reduce ~50% greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and become net-zero by 2050, in hopes of saving humanity.
Heading In The Wrong Direction
Current solutions are not working!

Not only are we not on target to reach our greenhouse gas reduction goals but carbon emissions have RISEN since the signing of the Paris Agreement from 49B tons to 54B tons. Furthermore, current solutions do not address atmospheric CO2 which has risen 30% in 40 years to a record 422 parts per million.

Not Low Carbon; A Carbon Negative Solution
Our mission is to develop carbon negative concrete products that turn one of the largest polluting products (concrete) into the leading carbon sequestering & solid waste removal product SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Our carbon negative concrete platform is just getting started.  Our next focus is carbon negative multi-functional concrete with abilities to heat, store energy, and charge EVs. 
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We Were Accepted Into Greentown Labs Accelerator

Carbon Negative Solutions is a member of North America's largest Climatetech Accelerator!

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